Universal Hardwood Floors (Reviews/Testimonials)

Before you read the comments from my customers I would like to say a few words about myself.

I am a second generation tradesman who learned from the best and is carrying on the family tradition!  I enjoy working in the flooring profession.  That's why I became a flooring contractor.   I put my love of the craft into every project as well as my professional workmanship and it shows!



"I would recommend Universal Hardwood floors to anyone who wants quality work with an attention to detail. Not only does David have the ability to design and figure out how to solve any issues you might have, he also has an artist’s eye for how to blend the variations in the hardwood flooring and create the transitions made from actual cut planks (not the T-molding the flooring retailers try and sell you). Chris, his wife was extremely good at troweling the glue/moisture barrier, clean up and helping where ever needed. The couple has so much love and respect for each other. The positive vibes helped being here while the work was being done, a pleasure. They helped move my larger furniture and even put the extra bamboo packages up in my attic. They left each day after cleaning up any mess so my cats could roam around and not get into anything. David’s work is impeccable and his prices are very reasonable for the high quality of work done. It is a rarity to find a contractor who you can really trust to go above and beyond expectations, and who truly loves his profession. My project was 1200 square feet of solid distressed grey bamboo and it looks great! Mahalo Universal Hardwood Flooring. Jan Hewlett


"The floors are beautiful!  We are very appreciative.  If anybody ever wants to see a floor you've done, you're always welcome to bring them by.  Thanks again, You're great."



"David, Thanks for everything. We have had quite a few people over recently and they all say the floor looks great. Thank Again,"



"David, thanks for all of your work and patience in doing our floors.  They are beautiful.  We had a lot of comments on them!"



"Great job David!  Hope you will work for us again.  Thanks,"



"David thank you very much.  I really appreciate how conscientious you are."



"Thank you David for a wonderful job.  Floors look great!"



"Thank you very much for the wonderful job!  I appreciate the attention to detail."



"Thank you for the beautiful job you did on our floors.  It's like we have a brand new home."