Hardwood Flooring Services

Maui's Hardwood Flooring Services

Our wood floor selections include oak, cherry, walnut, pine, maple, ash and bamboo to name just a few.  Our extensive knowledge and experience with wood flooring ensures you will get the best advice in flooring for your unique situation.  We take into consideration the decor of your home or business.  What the area will be used for. How much foot traffic is typical for the area being treated.  Temperature ranges,  humidity, and any moisture present.

Raw hardwood flooring allows for the greatest variety of wood, stains and finishes.  It brings the beauty of nature inside and instantly enhances character and value of any area.  Soothing natural tone finishes and hand-scraped planks lend both a rustic and luxurious appeal.  Unfinished flooring can be sanded from four to six times in its life span.

On raw wood installations we finish using only LOW VOC-GREEN Certified products and equipment.  This creates almost no dust and leaves no orders behind either.  Air pollutants are reduced to the lowest present day industry standards.  Raw wood installations are ideal for when you are doing the whole house or large areas.  Raw wood flooring allows for greater variations in wood sizes and allows you to pick your stain color and finish.  It allows for greater uniformity in general.

Unlike engineered or laminate wood flooring, solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished to restore the original luster of the wood with a new finish. Engineered or laminate floors consists of a paper-thin strip of wood over a strip of non-finished plywood.

Our pre-finished floor installations require no finishing.  They come ready to use as is.  This type of flooring is often best in high traffic areas due to it's durability.  For sensitive noses pre-finished floors release much less of an odor even though the floor is new. 

Which is best for you solid or engineered hardwood floors?  Solid hardwood floors are susceptible to moisture and humidity.  Extremes in either can warp hardwood floors.  Engineered flooring is much more suitable for areas with extreme changes in humidity or temperatures.    Engineered hardwood floors are much more resistant to humid conditions and will hold up better and last longer under these conditions.  Also engineered hardwood flooring can be installed even over cement.  A great solution for areas like basement cement floors. 

Universal Hardwood Floors guarantees that no part of any project will ever be sub-contracted out. All work is done at the project location. All installations, sanding, and finishing jobs are done by our employees and overseen by David or done by David himself. Quality craftsmanship and workmanship are guaranteed. Education on maintenance and which products to use is always extended. Taking good care of your hardwood floors ensures that the investment will last for many years adding beauty and value to your property.

Solid Wood Flooring comes in three styles:
  • Hardwood Strip Flooring: This is linear and usually provides a traditional decor.
  • Plank Hardwood Flooring: This type provides a lighter and more casual appearance.
  • Parquet Hardwood Flooring: This type of flooring varies from standard parquet floor designs to much more elaborate and involved designs. This type of flooring usually delivers a very elegant look.

To Use Underlayment or Not To - That is The Question!

For hardwood floors if needed a solid (not foam) underlayment that is specially designed for absorbing sound under hardwood flooring can be used. Normally there is no underlayment requirement for hardwood flooring.

Softwood Flooring

In general when it comes to wood flooring hardwood floor is usually the way to go.  However there are going to be homeowners who are attracted to the even softer, more rustic feel of softwood flooring. From a standpoint of durability, softwoods aren't as durable as an alternative as hardwoods. Softwoods are going to show more damage quickly. Things like dents and scrap marks are going to show up easily. This type of flooring is best in low impact areas with little traffic.

Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors

After the floors have gone in and the (very little if at all) dust settles, now what?  No worries it's not hard to care for.  Get a few floor mats made for hardwood floors.  Don't get the non-ventilated kind like (rubber back mats) these types of mats will damage the hardwood floors.  Place the mats anywhere that water is used like the kitchen floor around the sink area.  Also place mats at doors and entryways. This will help reduce the particulates brought onto the hardwood floors.  These particles are pressed into and dragged causing tiny dents and scratches that build up and are quite visible over time. Sweep using a soft broom or dry dust mop on a regular weekly schedule. For hard to reach nooks use a dry terry cloth. Clean up spills as soon as they occur with a soft mop or cloth. As far as regular care goes that's about it.  If you want to use a cleaning product use one especially made for your specific type of flooring. Check with your contractor or the manufacturer of your flooring.

Things you should NOT do!

  • Don't leave spills on the floor for "any" length of time
  • Don't use a wet cloth or mop to clean hardwood floors
  • Don't use ammonia or oil based soaps on hardwood floors
  • Don't use over the counter wax products on hardwood floors
  • Don't use any kind of wax on a urethane finish hardwood floor