Hardwood Floors Restorations and Repairs

Maui's Hardwood Furniture Restoration Services

Life happens and floors get scratched, dented, stained, sometimes there is a little water damage from an unattended spill or an over flowing something or another. These rights of passage start to show after time.  It takes many years normally but eventually the damage will get to the point where restoring your wood floors is necessary.  Along with restorations repairs often go hand in hand.  Repairs like removing stains, blemishes, and deep gouges can be repaired at this time.  Replacing boards is sometimes necessary for damages that go deep into the floorboard like deep set stains and cracks that go all the way through the board.  Warped boards can be replaced or adjusted at this time. Wide floor board gaps can be tighten.  Also if there are squeaky boards those should be fixed.

With proficiency and meticulous attention to details we restore hardwood floors. We are masters at seamlessly weaving repairs with the existing wood floor for a near perfect finish.  We will examine the condition of the floors carefully and make the proper recommendations on what should be done and how to proceed.

We use a ( No Dust At All ) Sanding Process... We Use "Bona Atomic Dust Containment Systems".  A State of The Art Dustless Sanding System.  Restoring wood floors almost always involves sanding.  Sanding "in the past" was feared by all.  A cloud of dust would engulf everything and had to be cleaned up afterwards and it's bad for your health.  With our completely dustless sanding systems all airborne dust particles are trapped by an airtight container before they can escape into the air.

With our Bona dustless sanding systems there is no need for many of the inconveniences of the past.  A dust free environment ensures a perfect finish.  It's great for people with sensitive noses or allergies.  No dust all over everything eliminates the clean up frustration afterwards.  Dust doesn't enter the air ducks and stay in the ventilation system.  Pets don't have to be sent away until the job is done.