Laminate and Engineered Flooring

Laminate Floors

Alternative Wood Flooring Options

Hardwood floors or softwood floors aren't your only alternatives either when it comes to wood flooring options. There are many different kinds of engineered floors to choose from. There are even devoted markets of sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed woods. Newer alternatives like Bamboo flooring are making a big impression on people.  It is a beautiful wood and the quality compares with that of the more traditional hardwoods.  Bamboo flooring is actually more durable than hardwood flooring and It is also a renewable resource.

All Engineered floors are great for small budgets with large areas to cover.  Laminate floors like all engineered floors are constructed of composite materials. Laminate wood flooring has a very thin sheet of finished wood paper glued to the top of plywood. Engineered wood floors are made of a thin finish of wood on top of a un-finished strip of plywood. The quality of all engineered flooring varies greatly.  Good quality engineered flooring mimics almost exactly the look of hardwood floors. Some are so good if you didn't know it was engineered you would think it is real hardwood .  Also don't forget how much easier engineered floors are to clean and maintain than hardwood flooring. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Laminate or Engineered Floors

Engineered and Laminate wood floors are much easier on cleaning and Maintenance than real hardwood floors. These types of floors are made to resemble a finished wood floor without all the worry.  Both laminate and engineered floors require very little effort to maintain. 

As a regular maintenance schedule start with a regular sweeping or vacuuming, ( with no roller brush to damage the floors.  Even if the roller is turned off and not spinning).  You could also use a regular old dust mop a few times a week to pick up debris that might cause scratches to the floor when walked on and pressed into the flooring or dragged by people's foot steps.  However if you see or feel anything on the floor you should sweep right away to avoid scratches.  A damp mop can also be used.  However these types of floors should never be mopped wet or waxed.  Stay away from over counter products like "Mop & Glow".  These products are not made for these types of floors. Always clean up spills as soon as they happen with a damp cloth and finish with a dry cloth. Stay away from harsh soaps to clean the floors.  Use only industry quality approved cleaners if you use soap at all.