Wood Floor Refinishing

Maui's Hardwood Flooring Services

How can you tell if Hardwood Floors Need a total or touch up Refinishing?

Place a drop of water on the hardwood floor.  Watch to see if the drop beads up and sits there or if it soaks in really slowly. If either of these occur you probably just need a good cleaning and polishing.  However, if the drop soaks in almost immediately, the wood fibers are probably at the surface exposed and the wood floor needs refinishing.  Keep in mind that floors that are damaged with warped boards, older set in stains, dents, gaps, and squeaky boards should get the needed repairs before continuing with the refinishing process.

A ( No Dust At All ) Sanding Process... We Use "Bona Atomic Dust Containment Systems".  A State of The Art Dustless Sanding System.

When finishing or refinishing wood floors sanding is normally part of the process.  Sanding "in the past" would create a cloud of dust that was not only hard to clean up afterwards but also bad for your health.  With our dustless sanding systems all airborne dust particles are caught before they enter the air into an airtight container.

With our dustless sanding systems there is no need for many of the inconveniences of the past.  The dust free environment ensures a perfect finish.  It's great for people with sensitive noses or allergies.  No dust all over everything eliminates the clean up frustration afterwards.  Dust doesn't enter the air ducks and stay in the ventilation system.  Pets don't have to be sent away until the job is done.

If you find that your wood floors need to be refinish...
The sanding process will remove a lot of surface wood in order to smooth it out.  For this reason hardwood floor should be at least 3/4" thick.  Some of the newer style floors are made as thin as 1/4" and can never be refinished.

Many people appreciate the added character that age and "normal" wear and tear bring about on wooden floors.  Others not so much...   If a flawless perfect appearance is what you want refinishing the floors every five years is an average.   It really depends on the condition of the floor.  The amount of foot traffic and what the area is used for will greatly influence this. 

Floor refinishing will bring back the luster of older or scuffed hardwood floors without question by bringing back the grain.  Refinishing involves re-sanding the floors.  We use only LOW VOC GREEN CERTIFIED products and machines to ensure good air quality during and after installation and or any treatments.  The next step is re-applying a new layer of polyurethane water or oil based.  Staining or re-staining or changing stain colors is also done at this time if desired.

Staining Hardwood Floors

A clear sealer can be used for your newly refinished floor or a stain, water or oil based.  Stains are just like paint.  They always look a little different on the floor from what they looked like when you saw them as a sample color.  For this reason try out stains somewhere in a hidden area first.  This will give you a more accurate representation of what the floors will look like. 
  1. Remember not to move in any furniture until the floors are COMPLETELY DRY!
  2. Consider buying a dark wood if you are going to apply a dark stain.

Two Tips To Remember!